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Truman Lake Fishing Report

Fishing Report - 12-8-2017

​By Steve Blake

Current water level is 705.02 and water surface temp is 46 degrees.

Well old man winter has finally come the furnace here has not shut off this morning. Temps are in the teens and many would think this would be bad for fishing but quite the opposite is true. This winter blast will have a tendency to concentrate the fish in their full winter patterns.

As they have been for a month now the crappie are best on the bluffs, but the cold weather will concentrate them even more as the fish that did stay shallow into the fall will now also move to the bluff patterns. The shad will now move deeper and the crappie will school up in numbers where there are concentrations of shad. Best depths on the bluffs have been 20 to 25 feet deep. We are still fishing a 1/4 ounce short shank Bob Bates jig head tipped with a 2 inch SWARM jig body right on the bottom along the bare bluffs on the lower half of the lake. Combinations of chartreuse colors have been working best. We are giving very little action to the jig dead stick it or use very slight twitches for best results. Get the jig down to 20 to 25 feet deep and lift it just a foot off the bottom and parallel the bluff as slow as possible. Bites are soft so be very aware of watching your line if it jumps or goes slack set the hook. Don't get me wrong there are those fish that will pop the bait pretty hard, but I have found that the bigger crappie are usually the softest bite. If while you are working the bluff you see a ball of shad on the graph bring the jig to the top of that ball of shad. If the crappie are feeding on that ball they will be on top of the shad. Winter offers some of our most consistent crappie fishing here on Truman. After this cold front high temps are back to the mid 40 to mid 50 degree range for the next week and dressed properly that makes for more than comfortable fishing conditions if the wind is not howling.

The colder surface water temps will also concentrate the bass on their winter pattern which can make for some great fishing on Truman. Suspending jerk baits like the Smithwick rouge, Rapala huskhy jerk, and others get the nod for Truman's bass in winter. Shad and clown colors seem to work best. Look for bass on steep chunk rock banks and points that are close to deep channels on the main lake. Bluff cove points are a good place to start. Jerk the bait down two or three pops to get it to depth than a simple twich twich pause retrieve works best. Truman's water generally is not extremely clear as you can see a bait down 1 to 2 feet so the long pauses that are required to attract a strike in the super clear water lakes like Bull shoals or Tablerock are not necessary on Truman. A pause of 1 to 2 seconds is all it takes. Be a line watcher. Any pop twitch or sideways movement of the line set the hook. We are already taking some nice bass on this winter pattern in the 2 to 4 pound range with an occasional larger bass coming to the boat. We had a phenomenal shad hatch this year so the bass are fat and healthy. Many of the fish we have taken in the past weeks have been spotted or as some call them Kentucky bass and they look like they have swallowed a football.

With the much colder freezing and below air temps there will surely be somewhat of a shad kill that will make the bass fishing even better as they pick off the dying shad, but this shad kill also Puts the blue cats in a feeding mode that we see every time there is a shad kill. When you locate an area with crippled or dead shad floating on the surface check the wind direction and fish the flats in these areas that have the wind blowing into the with cut shad. Very often in the winter here at Truman when there is an extensive shad kill the blue cats will get on these windblown flats to feed very shallow. Often the cats are taken in 1 to 4 feet of water. I know that sounds hard to believe but it's a pattern that has been working for years in the winter.

Winter fishing here at Truman can be very action filled at a time when there is a lot less pressure on the fish. In my opinion winter is one of the best times for both crappie and bass fishing here. Well that's it for this week, and I do not see these patters changing any time in the near future. That is why I have tried to give you a report that is as informative and detailed as possible this time. If and when patterns change I will update the report. Till then stick with these patterns they do work!!!!! See ya on the lake. Steve Blake Truman Lake guide 660-525-0692.

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