​Due to the falling lake levels (yeah!!) we will be able to open the walkway to the marina today! We're in the process of reinforcing the gravel area with sandbags to make it more stable so please be careful walking out. The surfaces are uneven and gravel can shift. 

Parking will be in front of Lil' Papa Joe's or at the motel. Please do not drive across the lawns in front of the houses! We're hoping by this weekend to be able to have customers drive up the Guest House driveway but for now use the path we've been using on the west side of the motel that goes behind the house. 

We still need about 3' before we can re-open the road to the marina and about 5' before the ramp opens. The campground is still closed to the public as well. 

Please be respectful of the areas that are closed and signage marking closed areas and be patient. We'll get everything open just as soon as we can!

See you at Sterett!!