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Campground Re-Opens 5-23-2017

The campground will officially re-open tomorrow on the 23rd!! Today there is still water on half the road at the entrance to the campground but it should be clear in the morning. The guys got the sewage transfer station back online and all the electric on today. They have removed all the large driftwood, are busily cleaning as much of the small brush as possible, and moving rock in.

There are a few things to note for this weekend:

As always there is no parking on any grass area in the campground. Especially now with the ground still very soft and wet the ruts caused by tire tracks tear up our mowers and drive up repaid/maintenance costs. Since the parking will be limited, we are allowing campers to park boat trailers in the fenced storage area over the weekend. Extra vehicle can be parked along the fence by the restaurant too.

The tent sites will still be closed this weekend as will the road along the lake in the campground. Barricades will be up to prevent vehicles from passing through the areas which have water and unsafe conditions.

The Boat Ramp will be open on Friday, May 26th for sure, and possibly sooner. There will be less open space in the parking lot both at the ramp area and marina until the water goes below 721 so please try to walk down from the motel or campground to the marina if you are able.

Lastly there has been a significant increase in mosquitos with all the standing water. Be sure to have plenty of bug spray and keep your camper screens closed!

We're looking forward to everyone coming out for a great weekend!

Marina Open - Update 5-19-2017
Ramp Up for Memorial Day 2017


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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Sterett Creek on Truman Lake

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We are located approximately 3 miles north of Warsaw, MO on US 65.  Sterett Creek is on the shore of Truman Resevoir (commonly referred to as Truman Lake).  Truman Lake is the largest man-made lake in Missouri and is home to many species of fish and wildlife.  Our Marina offers easy access to the Osage, Grand, Big Tebo and Little Tebo arms of the lake.  Our Motel and Campground offer easy access to the Sterett Creek Loop of the Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park.  Sterett Creek is the perfect place for outdoor fun!