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Down but not out - Update 6-7-2019

Down, but not out!

We continue to monitor the water level daily and walk the docks a couple of times a day. All trailers, boats and campers in the storage yard were moved to high ground, we moved all campers in the campground to high ground and nobody's property here on our grounds has been touched by the high water. So we're pretty much in a holding pattern right now!

As for our plan going forward. It appears we've seen the crest but have no idea on how fast the water may recede. There are just too many variables to accurately predict when the lake level will go down to usable levels. Remember, we do not have to be at pool or anywhere close to pool to be operational! Our very first task will be to get the electric restored to the marina but safety is the most important issue. The power company will make the final determination but the water level will have to go down to somewhere around 735 in order for that to take place (about 3' from now).

We are trying to anticipate what parts we might need to repair/replace what has been damaged by the water and have them ready to install. Once we get electric back up we can start pumping gas and have lifts operational again. We have made plans to bring a porta-potty to the marina as well so we can get things back to semi normal while waiting to get the sewers back onine. We will even try to open up the Minnow on the weekends!

The motel should be able to open the day the water recedes enough to allow access into the parking lot which is around 735 as well. All rooms are clean and ready for occupancy. Once the motel parking lot is accessible we could resume shuttle service to the marina which would coincide with the power being turned back on at the marina.

The water level will have to get down below 727 before we can start to get things in order in the campground. The campground is going to take a little longer as many of the brand new pedestals are under water and it will take some time to clean, replace damage receptacles and circuit breakers. In addition we will have to service and possibly replace the control box on the sewer pump station and we will have to get the sewage holding tank pumped out to rid the tank of all the sediment that the high water brought in. Again we are trying to identify and purchase all the parts we will need to accomplish this task. Once we can get the pedestals taken care of we will notify our seasonal campers to come in and move their campers to their respective sites. We will definitely need everyone cooperation on setting these up in a timely manner.

Once we go below 726 we can get the sewer pump going for Lil Papa Joe's to open and at 725 the boat ramp will re-open.

The most time consuming task will be the clean up of all the debris. As you can imagine since the water level has never been higher there are tons of dead trees and garbage that has been re-floated and will be deposited on shore as the water recedes. Our initial efforts will be focused on entrance to the facilities and the parking lots. We anticipate that getting all this debris cleared will take several weeks but it hopefully will not impact our operations. As usual, many of our customers and neighbors have come forward to volunteer in the clean up and repair efforts. We truly appreciate your concerns and welcome all the help we can get. As we get closer to being able to start addressing these clean up efforts we will start organizing and putting together a plan of attack.

Stay tuned to Facebook and our website for details as they become available. We look forward to getting you all back and on the lake!

Thanks, Cathy & Ken

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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Sterett Creek on Truman Lake

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We are located approximately 3 miles north of Warsaw, MO on US 65.  Sterett Creek is on the shore of Truman Resevoir (commonly referred to as Truman Lake).  Truman Lake is the largest man-made lake in Missouri and is home to many species of fish and wildlife.  Our Marina offers easy access to the Osage, Grand, Big Tebo and Little Tebo arms of the lake.  Our Motel and Campground offer easy access to the Sterett Creek Loop of the Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park.  Sterett Creek is the perfect place for outdoor fun!