Well we went through the quietest Memorial Day Weekend ever! Some of our die hard customers braved the high water and had the lake all to themselves. As it looks right now, we're on track for the quietest June as well.

We heard from the Corps on Saturday to expect the lake to crest at 739.6 by Friday at which time the water will be flowing over the "flood control" portion of Truman Dam. This will be an all time record high for Truman Lake (Reservoir)‚Äč! They plan was to start dumping water yesterday but the gates haven't opened and with all the rains in Kansas filtering in they wouldn't be able to keep up with the inflow anyway.

With the water approaching the max level, we are going to preemptively shut down the electric at the marina today as it gets close to the electric boxes on the poles. We stopped the shuttle today and the marina will be completely closed down until the water starts to recede. We'll be patrolling the docks regularly to keep an eye on everything and the water patrol will be out as well. 

All the seasonal RV's below the shower house will have been moved up by the end of today so everything is safely stored up in the campground.

The motel is closing today as well. It looks like the water will rise above the level of the road at the east entrance today. Marina Road will be shut down at Sterett Creek Village Drive since there will be no place to turn around or access the property. We're in the process of cancelling upcoming reservations for the coming week. We'll continue to cancel them on a rolling basis until we know when the motel will re-open.

These are decisions we don't make lightly and believe me we'd much rather be open! We thank you for your patience and cooperation through this difficult time. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Cathy & Ken