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So Far So Good... May 19th Update!

​Well we made it through the weekend relatively unscathed! We had a storm blow through on Saturday while under a tornado watch which reportedly dumped a couple of inches of rain and the high winds brought down some limbs in the campground but no damage. The lake level has continued to drop with the diligent efforts of the Corps! The lake level is now down far enough that our ramp is usable so we'll open that up tomorrow!! Not sure you'll be able to reach the pay station so you may need to get a pass at the marina. There's quite a bit of small to medium debris in the parking lots as the water level drops so be careful as we start to try to get things back in order.

While there's still rain due to come through this week, we're hopeful that the levels will keep dropping and that we'll be able to open the campground in time for the weekend. Thanks for sending good thoughts our way and keep those fingers and toes crossed that any rain we get doesn't push the lake level up!

Stay tuned and we'll continue to update you as the week progresses!


Cathy & Ken

News for May 17th Weekend
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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Sterett Creek on Truman Lake

Marina - Motel - Campground

We are located approximately 3 miles north of Warsaw, MO on US 65.  Sterett Creek is on the shore of Truman Resevoir (commonly referred to as Truman Lake).  Truman Lake is the largest man-made lake in Missouri and is home to many species of fish and wildlife.  Our Marina offers easy access to the Osage, Grand, Big Tebo and Little Tebo arms of the lake.  Our Motel and Campground offer easy access to the Sterett Creek Loop of the Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park.  Sterett Creek is the perfect place for outdoor fun!