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Truman Lake Fishing Report

Fishing Report 11-29-16

By Steve Blake

Sorry guys for the lack of reports for the past few weeks but I took a little deer hunting vacation. Now that firearms season is over things are shaping up nicely for winter fishing here at Truman. The current water level is 705.93 and the water surface temp is 54 degrees.

This Thursday December 1st will mark the beginning of the winter crappie special that I run each year, and many of you have asked me about it. Simply put I will take a minimum of two fishermen and a maximum of three fishermen out for a day on the water for a hundred bucks each. I furnish boat, rods and reels or you can use your own if you prefer, all lures and tackle, and fuel for that day. I will fillet and package your catch at the end of the day. This is a 6 to 7 hour trip including fish cleaning time. All you need bring are your drinks and snacks for the day. This special runs from December 1st to February 28th each year. This is a time of the year when crappie tend to be very predictable and if you know what to look for the action can be great. Don't get me wrong there are some days due to wind and weather that the bite will be slower than others, but as a rule you can expect to have a day with lots of bites and some nice fish in the well from 10 to 13 inches. A limit is often the rule rather than the exception. If interested in a day of winter crappie fishing you can contact me at 660-525-0692. I always have my cell phone but on some areas of the lake signal is weak so if I do not answer leave a message and I will contact you that evening or the next morning. Remember to always dress as warm as possible. You can always take a layer off, but you can't put it on if you do not have it. Temps are forecast to be warmer than normal this year so it should be a great time to put some fat crappie in the freezer.

Now for the fishing report for this week.

We are at a point where water temps are putting some fish in the winter pattern already while some fish are still in the fall pattern. With mid 50's water temps there is a bite going on for several species.

The crappie fishing right now is best on the winter pattern here on the lower end of the lake with the bluffs being the place to search for them. We are fishing bare bluffs for the most part. These are bluffs with no standing timber. The crappie are relating to the bottom on these bluffs at depths of 15 to 25 feet depending on the day. You have to try different depths each day, and even at different times of the day until you find the depth that is most productive.

I am fishing a 1/4 ounce Bob Bates jighead in red, chartreuse, or pink color with a Swarm jig body. Jig body colors that have been best this week are chartreuse and black, chartreuse and red, and chartreuse and pink. We are dropping the jig to the bottom and picking it up just a foot or less, then moving down the bluff as slow as possible to keep the jig down. If you are not getting bit on a regular basis change depth until you find the depth the fish are most concentrated at. You need a highly sensitive rod as the majority of the bites are very very very light. If you feel something different set the hook!!!!! You will catch a lot of small fish, but if you are patient a limit of nice keepers in the right area is is not hard to come by.

The white bass and hybrids are still shallow although they have slowed some. 1/4 ounce Roostertails in white or chartreuse worked on flat main lake points and in the backs of the shallow coves have been best. Always fish where the wind is blowing in!!!! You will have to just keep the trolling motor in the water and cover a lot of territory to find them but once you do there are several in an area.

Spinnerbaits and rattle traps have been best for the large mouth bass this week. Look for them to be half way to all the way back in the creeks and coves in 1 to 4 feet of water. Best colors are shad imitations white or chrome. The Little Tebo Arm has been producing some really good fish in the 3 to 4 pound size.

One hint in finding the whites hybrids and large mouth is to look for those points or coves where the gulls and cormorants are bunched up feeding on the shad. Find the shad find the fish.

I have talked to one of the anglers at Sterett Creek that has been running jugs this week baited with cut shad and set in 20 feet of water that has had some success on white cats in the 3 to 6 pound size range. He has been taking 5 to 8 fish a day on 10 jugs so this is something to look at also.

Well that is it for this week and if the weather doesn't change drastically these patterns should hold up for a week or two until the water surface temps drop below 50 degrees. Give me a call to book a day of winter crappie fishing at 660-525-0692. See ya on the water.!!!!

Winterization Complete
Fishing Report 12-10-16


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