Truman Lake Fishing Report

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Truman Lake Fishing Report

Fishing Report 4-2-18

By Steve Blake

Current water level on Truman is 708.15 and water surface temp is 46 degrees.Current water level on LOZ is 655.65 and water surface temp is 46 degrees.

This crazy yo yo weather we are getting doesn't seem to be bothering the fish much as reports are coming in daily of fishermen catching limits of several different species on both Truman and LOZ. On three trips this week we have had limits of crappie with a few white bass and hybrids and an occasional walleye in just a few hours.

On Truman the best bite for crappie has been in the upper Grand river above Bucksaw spider rigging double minnow rigs 3 to 8 feet deep in 6 to 15 feet of water. On the lower lake near the Sterett Creek Area the best crappie bite is still deep down 20 to 25 feet deep in the middle of the deep main lake coves. Watch your graph for shad balls and one pole Swarm Jigs in char combos on a 1/4 oz. Bob Bates short shank jig-head just off the bottom under the shad. There have also been some crappie taken in the back ends of the major creeks on the lower lake using this same method. Look for the last deep hole 20 to 25 feet deep in the middle and work your jigs just off the bottom on the creek channel edge, again looking for shad balls. Most of these fish have been black crappie in the creeks.

The bite on the upper end of LOZ below Truman Dam has been on fire when they are running water at the dam and that has been almost every day. The bite from early morning till about 1 PM has been best. Crappie, white bass, walleye, hybrids, and blue cats are all being caught in numbers.

The crappie have been holding on the current breaks. Look for places where the current and slack water meet and one pole the SWARM JIG setup I mentioned previously on the channel drops in 15 to 20 feet of water just off the bottom at the edge where the current and slack water meet on the slack water side. Bites are very soft pay attention. The crappie, whites, hybrids, and walleye have all been taken this week on this pattern.

Whites and hybrids are also being caught casting Jigs, in line spinners, and rattle traps to the bank and slow rolling them back to the boat in the same current break areas.

Blue cats continue to hit good in the river and on Truman using cut shad at depths of 6 to 12 feet. I have seen several fish in the 20 to 40 pound size range come in this week.

Despite this crazy weather the fishing has been great so come on down and get in on then fun.

Opening Update
Fishing Report 4-16-2018


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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Sterett Creek on Truman Lake

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We are located approximately 3 miles north of Warsaw, MO on US 65.  Sterett Creek is on the shore of Truman Resevoir (commonly referred to as Truman Lake).  Truman Lake is the largest man-made lake in Missouri and is home to many species of fish and wildlife.  Our Marina offers easy access to the Osage, Grand, Big Tebo and Little Tebo arms of the lake.  Our Motel and Campground offer easy access to the Sterett Creek Loop of the Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park.  Sterett Creek is the perfect place for outdoor fun!