By Steve Blake

Current lake level is 725.13 and still rising lake surface temp is 63 degrees.

Here we go again high water. I spoke with Ken at Sterett Creek Marina this morning, and he had the following info. We will continue to extend the walkway to the marina as far as possible. Once this is no longer possible we will ferry you to the marina via boat. Once the road to the parking lot and campground is flooded we will close the campground and bathrooms as the sewer stations must be shut down. We will keep the marina in operation as long as is feasible. Updates will be on the website and the Sterett Creek Facebook page.

Now for the fishing report. Crappie are still being caught but they are scattered. Best fishing has been with minnows fished 6 to 10 feet deep in 10 to 15 feet of water over the tops of the flooded bushes. Move very slowly!!!!!! Tebo and Little Tebo have been best areas.

Large mouth are best on spinner baits and jig and frog in black and blue. Spinner baits around the flooded bushes in 4 to 8 feet of water, and jig fished right in the heart of the flooded buck brush bushes.

Catfish are best in the deep holes up the flooded creeks, Nightcrawlers for channels, and cut shad for blues. Fish holes that are 8 to 15 feet deep way up the creeks. Little Tebo has been very good!!!!

No whites and hybrids yet but this will change. Once the hard surfaces like parking lots, and road beds are covered by 8 to 12 feet of water look for them there with jigging spoons. Once they catch the water level and the lake begins to drop whites and hybrids will move into the current funnels and feed heavy. It will be awesome!!! See ya on the water!!!!!